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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I've realised that keeping my Letterboxd account updated regularly is in itself a form of reflection. I have previously viewed this as a pastime, a fun way of keeping track of what I have watched, but I have now realised how this can help me in terms of programming.

The ability to tag the films I watch and create lists allows me to notice patterns in the films. This could be in terms of topic, genre or style, but also shows patterns of what I enjoy or am interested in. An aspect of film exhibition that is fascinating me currently is the rise in films depicting reproductive rights, which I assume is due to the how current the arguments around this topic are, especially in the US. Using Letterboxd I have kept track of the films I have watched that either fully focus on this topic or include discussions around it, and I am interested in programming a season looking at different aspects to the argument and how it is represented in different cultures.

The ability to keep adding to this list as I notice more films that discuss this topic is very useful. As I gather more films, I can start analysing the patterns within this topic and decide on how I would program these. Current ideas are comparing stories from different countries or showing films in a chronological order to see how opinions have, or haven't, changed.

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