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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

I spent some time today applying for the Venue Coordinator role at Sheffield DocFest. Although I am qualified for the role, I have recently received some rejections for positions which have knocked my confidence. Obviously, no one enjoys rejection, but I have started trying to reframe these and see them as opportunities for development.

Through my research into critical thinking, particularly the work of Cotrell (2017), I have released that rejection and criticism are crucial to developing as a critical thinker. If I don't accept feedback and negative experiences into my life, there is no opportunity for me to learn and grow from them.

Taking this in to consideration, I decided to be positive about applying for this position. I know I can do it, I just need to present my attributes to them. I received feedback recently from an interview that I needed to show my passion for the project, rather than answering what I thought I should and being worried about saying something wrong. These are notes that I will take to this interview. I will try to relax more and talk from my heart about why I am passionate about the role. Particularly for this role, I can give many examples of times I have demonstrated the attributes the desire. Rather than pre-preparing these, I need to feel confident that I am suitable for the role and speak naturally and personably about my experiences.

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