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This programme examines the many meanings of loss. Subjects range from the traditional sense of LOSS as death, the struggles of parting with a child that can no longer be cared for; to the loss of purpose when a child grows up. LOSS aims to share stories from these instances of maternal LOSS and challenge viewers to consider what LOSS really is. 

LOSS -  The (Dead Mothers) Club (w/Q&A) + The Justice of Bunny King + Are They Smiling?/Bao/My Mother's Eyes

Content warning: these films contain references to death, drug/alcohol abuse + domestic violence


The (Dead Mothers) Club + Q&A collective screening

Dir. Carlye Rubin, Katie Green // 2014

Three women who lost their mothers during childhood reflect on how it has affected their lives; Jane Fonda, Rosie O'Donnell and Molly Shannon speak about growing up without their mothers. An uplifting and often amusing documentary about coping with loss. 

We will be hosting an online communal screening of this film followed by a Q&A discussion with Dr Louise Richardson; co-investigator of Grief York, a Arts and Humanities Research Council project exploring grief portrayal. 

The Justice of Bunny King

Dir. Gayson Thavat // 2021

After promising her daughter a birthday party, Bunny must fight social services and break the rules to keep her word, but in doing so risks losing her children altogether. Accompanied by her niece Tonya, Bunny is in a race against the clock and headed towards an epic showdown with the authorities. Gaysorn Thavat’s loveable feature debut is both a funny and touching social realist drama.

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Are They Smiling?

Dir. Kate Hollowell // 2020

Based on the true story of the passing of both of her parents, Kate Hollowell directs and stars in her first short 'Are They Smiling' that follows a young woman who decides to carry on the family tradition of attending the county fair, this time with her dead parents. 


Dir. Domee Shi // 2018

An ageing Chinese mom suffering from empty nest syndrome gets another chance at motherhood when one of her dumplings springs to life as a lively, giggly dumpling boy. 

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My Mother's Eyes

Dir. Jenny Wright // 2018

My Mother’s Eyes explores the complex, painful process of letting go of those you love most. A daughter thrives under the gentle support of her mother, moving from one developmental milestone to another. Equipped with all the skills and strength to thrive in the world, she eventually leaves her mother’s nest, and returns to find it empty.

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